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Shelley Tupper | 2020


The journey I took was not the one I first imagined. After a few years early in my corporate career I was ready to move on.  I learned all about Coaching and had decided thats what I wanted to do. One minute I was going to become an Executive Coach and the next minute it changed. I had to have open-heart surgery, and once I did, I said yes to everything – selling all my possessions, traveling and taking jobs in different parts of the world. 


I was training to become a executive/life coach when I agreed to take a trip to the Himalayas - just six moths after surgery. Choosing to say yes had its advantages, and some big life lessons. It helped me start a small coaching/consulting agency back when no one knew what coaching really was. I went on to coach through various businesses, and I consulted in Direct Sales and Investment Services, while living in SE Asia and Europe. I later came back to Corporate Communications, where I thrived.


Throughout my 15+ years consulting for numerous Fortune 500 companies, strategizing on multi-million dollar projects, business plans and brand stories, I learned that many individuals need help strategizing their own 'story' or career. I've been privileged to help several of my clients find ways to self-promote and expand their careers— with great success.


After promptings from those who found my support naturally (referring to me as their own 'Personal Strategist' and not just their Coach) and many years navigating highly competitive business landscapes, I decided I wanted to continue to manage my business at PineRock but to really be able to support my clients on another level- to champion their own story. With the support from PineRock, I am able to do both- what a gift! 

- Shelley Tupper


Why do I do this work, what is positive psychology and how does it enhance my style of coaching?

Think about a time you needed advice, a sounding board, a bit of guidance. Seeking perspective, you consulted your inner circle - your partner, family member, friend, colleague, or boss. We have all needed this person at one time or another – a personal champion, advisor, or advocate.


But like you, your inner circle is already set in your current life model - perhaps at a time when you might need to look outside of it. 


For years, I’ve listened to executives and individuals yearning for support. Sometimes they can glean it from their inner circle, but often they want an ‘outside’ ear, an objective sounding board. The more I listened, the more I began reimagining my own role and how I could better support those coming to me for guidance.


From my mid-twenties quest for confidence within a corporate setting (the motivation behind my Dale Carnegie Training), to coaching Results Unlimited, and onward, I’ve gained invaluable tools. I have been fortunate to be able to share them with so many of my clients and associates along the way. 

What I have found in the last few years - and most definitely TODAY - is that people want to find a way through the noise and daily stressors brought on by their jobs, the media, digital “connectivity”, lack of sleep, lack of vacations and lack of down time. I know how that effected me, so I decided to spend time on re- working my life and career so I could help myself and others.  I got re-certified as a coach and delved into Positive Psychology – the study of happiness.

For the last few years, the most popular course at Yale, and Stanford is not a business, economics or finance course – but a course on the study of happiness. A true indication of a collective craving for more inner peace, if there ever was one. If the next generation is looking to learn how to be happier, what about the generations that never had courses in positive psychology? Who didn’t know that simple tools exist to help enhance ones happiness?


My aim is to give you the tools to help you become the best version of you. What ignites and inspires you? How do you see your future self? Set up a half-hour complimentary session to explore the possibilities.